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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which is any of various toothlike projections arranged on a wheel rim to engage the links of a chain. is called Sprockets

There are four types of sprocket;

Type A: Plain Plate sprockets
Type B: Hub on one side
Type C: Hub on both sides
Type D: Detachable hub

Span Engineers can make all 4 type of Sprockets

Sprockets should be as large as possible given the application. The larger a sprocket is, the less the working load for a given amount of transmitted power, allowing the use of a smaller-pitch chain. However, chain speeds should be kept under 1200 feet per minute.

The dimensions of a sprocket can be calculated as follows, where P is the pitch of the chain, and N is the number of teeth on the sprocket;

Pitch Diameter = P ÷ sin (180° ÷ N)

Outside Diameter = P × (0.6 + cot ( 180° ÷ N) )

Sprocket thickness = 0.93 × Roller Width - 0.006"

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